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Thursday, August 9, 2007

We act the way we dress! - Be the proud actor or actress!

We act the way we dress! - Be the proud actor or actress!Photo by something.from.nancy taken from this source


J@n!ce said...

When I'm younger, I love to tie the scarf around the head like the gal in specs. She really looks like me except for the hair & eye color. I wore a spec something like that & my hair is always tight up with 2 pony tails too... LOL :)

I'm a vain gal who loves dressing up. I will open up all my mummy's cosmetic & stand in front of the mirror as though a proud actress. I really missed those days :D

Sam Chan said...

Hi Janice,

I am glad that many of the photos in this blog had managed to help you to rekindle your sweet memories!

Well, you had reached the advance stage of mental aerobics! :-)

Have a deeper meditate and you will definitely feel healthy, beautiful and happy like those days when you are a little girl! LOL :D

Best Wishes to you, Janice!