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Sunday, July 1, 2007

You make life more beautiful by smiling!

You make life more beautiful by smiling!Photo by almoko taken from this source


ericat said...

Thank you for visiting my blog on crystals. Namibia
I give my answer here for you.
Hi Sam chan, I like the crystals for their natural beauty. I can understand that people are mesmerised by crystals. There is a feeling of something far out of reach, like looking at a star.

ericat said...

Once more, this time it is about yoour blog. It is a very nice happy blog. A person can not help but smile after looking at the photos. We need more like that!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Ericat,

Thanks for the answer to my question about crystal.

Thank you also for your kind and motivating words. I am glad that you liked my blog.

Best wishes.