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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You can be the Champion if you have confidence

You can be the Champion if you have confidencePhoto by pierre lascott taken from this source


outfitlifeskills said...

Hi Sam,
Great pics! I particularly love this one! I'm always looking for images of girls/ women who are successful/confident for my website. If you have one I could use, I'd be happy to reference the photographer/your site...
Apologies if this is not your thing!

Sam Chan said...

Hi SimoneM,

All those photos that I used here do not belong to me. I am using photos under Creative Commons Licence from flickr.

You should read more about Creative Commons

Creative Commons allow one to share, reuse and remix legally by putting an attribution. However, some only allow non-commercial use whereas some only can be used as is (without modification)

Hope that helps.
Best Wishes